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Refrigerant 12 Automotive Air-Conditioning Hose

This SAE Standard covers reinforced hose, or hose assemblies, intended for conducting liquid and gaseous dichlorodifluoromethane (refrigerant 12) in automotive air-conditioning systems. The hose shall be designed to minimize permeation of refrigerant 12 and contamination of the system and to be serviceable over a temperature range of −30 to 120 °C (−22 to 248 °F). Specific construction details are to be agreed upon between user and supplier.1 NOTE—R12 refrigerant has been placed on a banned substance list due to its ozone depletion characteristics. SAE J51 specification will be phased out as new automotive A/C systems are using R134a. SAE J2064 is the Standard for refrigerant 134a hose. For refrigerant 134a use, refer to SAE J2064.

Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

This SAE Standard covers hose intended for use with automatic transmission cooling system applications. Type A hoses are intended for original equipment or replacement applications while Type B hoses are intended for aftermarket auxiliary cooler applications only. The reference fluid for tests requiring the use of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) shall be Dexron III / Mercon 5 or equivalent ATF that is agreed to by hose manufacturer and customer.