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Kingpin Wear Limits - Commercial Trailers and Semitrailers

This SAE Recommended Practice applies to upper coupler kingpins for commercial trailers and semitrailers conforming to the dimensional requirements of SAE J700 when new and originally installed. The dimensions of SAE J700 are the frame of reference for this document.

Trailer Axle Alignment

The scope of this SAE Recommended Practice, trailer axle alignment, is to identify the dimensional limits of, and a method to, establish a perpendicular relationship between the king pin centerline and the axle centerline at its midpoint. Various types of equipment are commercially available which can be used for this measurement which provides varying degrees of accuracy, but none can be endorsed by SAE. The most fundamental methods of measurement will be described here, but other equipment is available if a greater degree of accuracy is desired.

Tire Chain Clearance - Trucks, Buses (Except Suburban, Intercity, and Transit Buses), and Combinations of Vehicles

The purpose of this SAE Information Report is to set up a guide as to body, frame, and wheel housing clearance to accommodate tire chains, and also the minimum bogie spacing to permit using chains on both axles. These dimensions apply to trucks, buses, and combinations of vehicles 10 001 lb (4535.06 kg) GVW and over, and are based upon recommendations of the Tire and Rim Association and of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers. The diagram shows clearance for chains over the tire ONLY and allowance must be made for spring deflections in determining fender clearance. See Figure 1 and Table 1.