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Primary Single Phase Nominal 120 VAC Wiring Distribution Assembly Design—Truck and Bus

This SAE Recommended Practice covers the design and application of primary on-board wiring distribution system harnessing for surface vehicles. This document is intended for single phase nominal 120 VAC circuits that provide power to truck sleeper cab hotel loads so that they may operate with the main propulsion engine turned off. The power supply comes from alternative sources such as land-based grid power, DC-AC inverters and auxiliary power generators. The circuits may also provide power to improve vehicle performance through charging batteries or operating cold-weather starting aids.

Circuit Breakers

This SAE Standard defines the test conditions, procedures, and performance requirements for circuit breakers in ratings up to and including 50 A. The document includes automatic reset, modified reset, and manually reset types of circuit breakers for 12 V and 24 V DC electrical systems. Some circuit breakers may have dual voltage ratings (AC and DC), however, this document evaluates DC performance only.