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FEA Beyond Basics Thermal Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a powerful and well recognized tool used in the analysis of heat transfer problems. However, FEA can only analyze solid bodies and, by necessity thermal analysis with FEA is limited to conductive heat transfer. The other two types of heat transfer: convection and radiation must by approximated by boundary conditions. Modeling all three mechanisms of heat transfer without arbitrary assumption requires a combined use of FEA and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
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To reduce the incidence of whiplash-associated disorders caused by rear impacts, head restraints should be closer to the head which decreases the amount of relative motion and it is believed to reduce the risk of soft tissue neck injury. Drivers are raising complaints that the head restraint causes discomfort by interfering with their preferred head position, forcing them to select a more reclined seat back angle [1]. This paper is about the importance of head restraint system and how it can be improved by adjusting the angle between the head restraint and passenger`s head. It is essential to carry out research on head restraint that can be adjusted in forward and backward direction letting the cost of seats remain in budget.
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BlockChain - A disruptive technology in Automotive Industry

When i decided to buy a second hand car from a dealer to learn driving, i was sceptical of the mileage usage for which a particular price was charged. Though the well know dealer told me a about the car, its previous usage, the fact that there were no accidents, and so on, there was no reliable way to verify what the dealer was offering. In order to solve such issues, we are looking at a disruptive technique which will cause a complete paradigm shift - by using blockchain technique. This paper talks about the basics of the blockchain technology and its relevance in automotive industry. We also look at some real life scenarios, where this technology helps to build reliability as one of the implicit requirements. We will start looking at how the block chain will help to reliably select the right components in the assembly line. Also we look at different aspects of software architecture like security and how blockchain can provide solutions in this area.
Technical Paper

Improved update-over-the-air solution through standardization of ‘software/firmware package format and flash jobs’

This paper investigates and proposes the possibilities of standardizing the software/firmware package format and flash jobs in order to provide the possibility of productizing the update-over-the-air solution regarding on-board vehicle components and make use of it in all OEMs with minimum configuration changes and customization. The update-over-the-air solution in the automotive sector is provided by various suppliers and needs to be customized to meet various OEMs requirements. Possible Variants of OEM requirements are: • Variant 1 o Customer Portal + Backend + vehicle on-board components solution from supplier • Variant 2 o Customer Portal + Backend solution from OEM o Vehicle on-board components from supplier • Variant 3 o Backend from OEM o Customer Portal + vehicle on-board components from supplier ODX, VBF, and many other formats from OEMs include software/firmware packages.