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Technical Paper

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of an Engine Oil Sump for Improved Noise Characteristics

Powertrain is the major source of noise and vibration in commercial vehicles and has significant contribution on both interior and exterior noise levels. It is vital to reduce the radiated noise from powertrain to meet customer expectations of vehicle comfort and to abide by the legislative noise requirements. Sound intensity mapping technique can identify the critical components of noise radiation from the powertrain. Sound intensity mapping has revealed that oil sump as one of the major contributors for radiated noise from powertrain. Accounting the effect of dynamic coupling of oil on the sump is crucial in predicting its noise radiation performance. Through numerical methods, some amount of work done in predicting the dynamic characteristics of structures filled with fluid. This paper discusses on the capability of numerical approach in predicting the oil sump modal characteristics with fluid-structure interaction and consequent verification with experimental modal test results.