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Technical Paper

Dynamic Correction Strategy for SOC Based on Discrete Sliding Mode Observer

Battery state estimation is one of the most important decision parameters for lithium battery energy management. It plays an important role in improving battery energy utilization, ensuring battery safety and enhancing system reliability. This paper is proposed to provide a dynamic correction of SOC in the full working condition, including static condition and dynamic condition. Based on the Coulomb-counting method, the current SOC value of the battery is calculated. Under the static conditions, the open circuit voltage of the battery is used to directly collect the initial SOC. Under the dynamic working conditions, the open circuit voltage of the battery is estimated by the sliding mode observer. Based on the deviation between the calculated and estimated values of the open circuit voltage, the current coefficient of the Coulomb-counting method is dynamically corrected by PI strategy.
Technical Paper

Deterioration Characteristic of Catalyzed DPF Applied on Diesel Truck Durable Ageing

In this paper, it was researched the degradation characteristics of catalytic performance of three kinds of DPFs (C1, C2 and C3, with precious metal concentrations being 15, 25 and 35 g/ft3 respectively) after diesel truck aging. It is found out that the crystallinity of three kinds of DPF samples (Used) in full vehicle aging was higher than that of fresh samples (Fresh) and aged samples (Aged) in the laboratory. Compared with Fresh samples, the concentration of Pt atom in precious metal on the surface of Aged and Used samples tends to decrease in most cases. Activities to CO and C3H8 of Aged and Used samples of three kinds of DPFs had all been degraded, and activity degradation showed a substantial correlation with concentration reduction rate of precious metal on the carrier surface. NO2 productivity of Used samples all rose. Crystallinity of DPF samples after full vehicle aging in Inlet, Middle and Outlet areas successively increased.
Technical Paper

Research on Intelligent Vehicle Index and Evaluation Method

As automobiles are gradually transforming from independent mechanical units to network nodes with intelligent and networked functions, the functions and performance evaluation of intelligent vehicles is facing the new challenges. At present, China has initially classified the level of intelligent vehicles on the basis of SAE, but has not yet formed a scientific, rigorous and comprehensive evaluation system. Therefore, this paper proposes the detailed intelligent evaluation ideas of intelligent vehicles in different levels from 0 to 5 and sets up a "Trinity" evaluation system covering professional evaluation, practical evaluation and market evaluation. Then, with the development progress of intelligent vehicles, we will set up the hierarchical structure of evaluation indicators basing on automated intelligence and connected intelligence.
Technical Paper

Passenger Car 25% Overlapping Collision Accident Study Base on CIDAS

With the development of vehicle technologies, vehicle safety is much better than before, many companies put research focus on harder accident scenarios. The 25% overlapping collision is considered as one type of most dangerous collision, this paper study this type accidents base on CIDAS database. Paper showed 7 scenarios appeared frequency in China, 11, 12, 1 o’clock are main impact direction. High way and freeway are the main places, and the head, thorax and lower extremities were the main sites of injury.
Technical Paper

Characteristics and Casualty Analysis of Two- Wheeler Accidents in China, Data Source: The China In-Depth Accident Study (CIDAS)

The two-wheeler is a vehicle that runs on two wheels, which is classified as motorcycle, electric-bicycle, and bicycle in this research. China has the largest number of two-wheelers and relevant accidents in the world. The two-wheeler riders have a high level of vulnerability, creating a significant necessity to better understand the characteristics according to the road-user group. The objective of this paper is to study the characteristics and analyze the causes of two-wheeler accidents in China using the CIDAS (China In-Depth Accident Study) Database. 2012 cases of two-wheeler accidents with riders injured or dead were collected from the CIDAS Database from 5 cities (Changchun, Beijing, Weihai, Ningbo and Foshan) in China over a period of 5 years (2011.07-2016.06).