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Technical Paper

Case Study - Experimental Determination of Airborne and Structure-borne Road Noise Spectral Content on Passenger Vehicles

Appropriate road noise levels are critical to perceived quality in today's highly competitive automotive industry. Tire noise is often one of the dominant sources. In order to provide effective noise control schemes it is imperative to fully define the noise paths. In this paper, a case study of an experimental lab method is presented that allows definitive understanding of the structure-borne and airborne spectral contributions of tire noise. For this study, interior noise data were collected using a 10 ft road wheel. Data were collected for the front and rear tires. These measurements contained both the structure-borne and airborne contributions. The same test was performed with the tire physically disconnected from the vehicle structure. This measurement contained only the airborne contribution. The structure-borne contribution was then calculated as the difference in noise levels between the two cases.