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Technical Paper

A McPherson lightweight suspension arm

The paper deals with the design and manufacturing of a McPherson suspension arm made from PA66 with short glass fiber reinforcement. The design of the arm and the design of the molds have been made jointly. According to Industry 4.0 paradigms, a full digitalization of both the product and process has been performed. Since the mechanical behavior of the suspension arm strongly depends on constraints which are difficult to be modelled, a simpler structure with well-defined mechanical constraints has been developed. By means of such simple structure, the behavior of the material has been highlighted. Since the suspension arm is an hybrid structure, the associated simple structure is hybrid as well, featuring a metal sheet on which plastic is injected. The issues referring to material flow, material to material contact, seams welding, fatigue strength, high and low temperature behavior, creep, dynamic strength have been investigated on the simple structure.