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No Fault Found: The Search for the Root Cause

Today, we are all strongly dependent on the correct functioning of technical systems. They fail, and we become vulnerable. Disruptions due to degradation or anomalous behavior can negatively impact safety, operations, and brand name, reducing the profitability of all elements of the value chain. This can be tolerated if the link between cause and effect is understood and remedied. Anomalous behavior, which indicates systems or subsystems not acting in accordance with design intent, is a much more serious problem. It includes unwanted system responses and faults whose root cause can’t be properly diagnosed, leading to costly, and sometimes unnecessary, component replacements. The title No Fault Found: The Search for the Root Cause was developed to propose solutions to this technical and business challenge, which has become less and less acceptable to the commercial aviation industry globally.

Integrated Vehicle Health Management: Perspectives on an Emerging Field

Unique and groundbreaking—this highly-anticipated book addresses both basic and advanced concepts critical for the understanding and support of the developing field of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM). From an initial idea by the SAE IVHM Steering Group, collaboratively written by experts from academia, research and industry, the thirteen chapters within this book represent the collective voice of the most qualified authorities in the field. Highlights of the book include: -a single definition and taxonomy of IVHM, as well as basic principles -the identification of how and where IVHM should be implemented -the commercial value of IVHM -vehicle health management systems engineering -algorithms and their impact on IVHM -IVHM future directions and issues -Case study on IHUMS This book serves as the perfect introduction to IVHM for engineers, executives, academic instructors, and students.