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Development of a Quasi-Dimensional Combustion Model for Stratified SI-Engines

The simulation of the combustion process is an essential part of the internal combustion engine development. For simulating whole engine maps quasi-dimensional models in combination with 1-D-flow simulations are widely used. This procedure is beneficial due to short computation times and accurate forecast capability of quasi-dimensional combustion models. For the simulation of homogeneous SI-engines the two-zone entrainment model is usually used, which is based on hemispherical flame propagation. In this work a new approach for the quasi-dimensional calculation of the stratified SI-engine combustion process is proposed, which is based on the two-zone entrainment model. This proven approach was extended with regard to the inhomogeneous air/fuel composition of stratified SI-engines that make a two-zone treatment not sufficient. Therefore, four unburnt zones are defined: a rich zone, a stoichiometrical zone, a lean zone and a remaining air zone.