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Technical Paper

Premixed Compression Ignition (PCI) Combustion with Modeling-Generated Piston Bowl Geometry in a Diesel Engine

Sustainable PCI combustion was achieved in a light-duty diesel engine through the installation of a 120° spray angle nozzle and modeling-generated piston bowl geometry developed for compatibility with early start-of-injection timings. Experimental studies were conducted to determine favorable settings for boost pressure, SOI timing, and EGR rate at 2000 rev/min, 5 bar BMEP. An optimal SOI timing was discovered at 43° BTDC where soot and NOx emissions were reduced 89% and 86%, respectively. A 10% increase in fuel consumption was attributed to increased HC and CO emissions as well as non-optimal combustion phasing. Combustion noise was sufficiently attenuated through the use of high EGR rates. The maximum attainable load for PCI combustion was limited by the engine's peak cylinder pressure and cylinder pressure rise rate constraints.