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Technical Paper

Weight Reduction and Noise Refinement of the Hyundai 1.5 Liter Powertrain

The weight reduction and noise refinement of powertrain has been major concern in automotive industry although they are known as self trade-off. This paper presents various methods to deal with those problems for new Hyundai 1.5 liter powertrain. It was possible to reduce the weight of powertrain by using plastic for both headcover and intake manifold, aluminum for crankshaft damper pulley and stainless steel for exhaust manifold and by reducing the general thickness of cylinder block On the other hand, the noise refinement of vibration in the powertrain was made by optimizing the engine structure and by adapting the hydraulic lash adjuster valve train system, which was proved to be effective in mechanical noise of engine.
Technical Paper

Identification of the Relation Between Crank Shaft Bending and Interior Noise of A/T Vehicle in Idle State

This paper shows the cause and the solution to the uncommon noise which happens ½ order component of engine rpm when a vehicle with automatic transmission has an air conditioning load and “drive” range load on the engine. By measuring cylinder pressure, main bearing cap vibration, engine mount vibration, and interior noise simultaneously, the cause of the noise can be proved by analyzing and comparing the data. The cause of the uncommon noise is bending vibration of the crank shaft. To solve the problem, one can change the crank shaft dynamics by reducing the mass of the damper pulley.