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Technical Paper

Real-Time Estimation of Radar Cross Section for ADAS Simulation

This paper proposes a Real-Time Estimation of Radar Cross Section for ADAS Simulation, aimed to enable math-based virtual development and test of ADAS. The electromagnetic scattering mechanism is firstly analyzed with targets to be typical objects in traffic. Then a geometric model is developed, in which the object surfaces are divided into multiple scattering zones corresponding to different scattering mechanism. According to different surface curvature radius and scattering mechanism, the scattering zones are approximately equivalent to plane, cylinder, sphere and so on. Using the ARD model based on an improved physical optics and diffraction theory, RCS value of a zone is estimated. Then the RCS of the object surface is obtained by vector superposition of all zones. Some typical simulation comparisons are carried out, which proves the practicability of our method.