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Non-Destructive Evaluation for High-Pressure Composite Tubes using a Hybrid Approach

Recently, composite materials/structures are getting increasingly used in the automotive and aerospace industry. Defects issue is commonly associated with the use of composite materials/structures. Reliable Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of composite structures is still challenging due to the existence of small size defects. In this research, a hybrid approach is used to accurately determine small size internal defects. In this hybrid approach, X-Ray Computed Tomography is used as a reference to accurately determine all defect locations, then a digital shearography method is used to conduct fast NDE for in-line testing. The critical shearographic NDE parameters such as shearing angle, shearing distance and loading amount are determined and optimized based on the X-ray CT scan result. From the comparison of X-ray CT scan results and digital shearography NDE results, the detection rate of digital shearography for defects with a size of larger than 1mm is from 91.91% to 97.30%.