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The First Century of the Detroit Auto Show

This book looks at the first century of the Detroit Auto Show, the largest auto show in the world for many years. From the first show at the Detroit Light Guard Armory in 1899 to the January 1999 show at Cobo Hall, this fascinating book details the show's evolution over 100 years, and how it became the industry's most prominent event. The First Century of the Detroit Auto Show introduces pioneers such as William Metzger, who was instrumental in organizing the first show and played a prominent role in many shows of the early 1900s. Each year's show is covered in a chapter which includes information on the major players of the show, products featured, size, exhibitors, decor, opening ceremonies, admission fares, and entertainment. The book features over 100 historical and nostalgic photos to bring the reader in touch with the culture of the automotive industry and society at the time.

How Detroit Became the Automotive Capital

Published in 1996, as the 100th Anniversary of the automobile industry was celebrated in the United States, this book details the amazing story of how Detroit become the automobile capital of the U.S. All the of the automobile manufacturers in Detroit and surrounding areas are covered along with 49 additional topics that are woven in-between and presented in chronological order. This book includes over 500 time period photographs of factories, both inside and outside, personnel, cars, and logos. Readers will gain an appreciation for the talented people that created Detroit's automobile industry.