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Technical Paper

Design of a Single Rail Internal Gear Shift System for a 5 Speed Manual Transmission

This paper presents the detailed design of a Single Rail Internal Gear Shift System for a 5-speed manual transmission of a load carrier vehicle. Gear shifting in manual transmissions is achieved by actuating a synchronizer sleeve and engaging it with the required gear. Actuation of synchronizer sleeves is effected by gear shift forks which are supported in the transmission by a rail/shaft. Conventional 5-speed transmissions use Multi Rail Gear shift systems, wherein each of the forks viz. Fork 1-2, Fork3-4 & Fork 5th, for actuating the synchronizer sleeves, are supported by and fixed to individual rails. This paper presents the design of a Single Rail Gear shift system, wherein all the gear shift forks will be supported on a common rail/shaft, thus making the entire system compact and reducing the system weight. The Single Rail, in the proposed design, apart from supporting the three forks, also serves to actuate the Reverse Gear, which is of sliding mesh type in this case.