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Technical Paper

Experiences in Cold Start Optimization of a Multi-Purpose Vehicle Equipped with 2.2L Common Rail Diesel Engine

High speed diesel engines are difficult to start in cold conditions (at subzero temperature) because the cylinder head and cylinder block absorbs heat of compression and thus preventing ignition due to the high surface to volume ratio. Also the coolant and the engine oil become viscous at subzero temperature and make the condition unfavorable for starting. Combustion optimization along with the help of a heating aid can make these engines to start quickly without any engine misbehavior. Cold startability is the ability of an engine to start within a specified time and continue to run without any malfunctioning. Combustion instability will lead to the misfiring of the engine unless it is calibrated properly. The European countries are subjected to a minimum temperature of -20°C to -25°C. So the intention of this work is to optimize the cold startability of Mahindra's Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) up to -25°C which is to be sold in European countries.