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Technical Paper

The KEEP EAGLE F-15E High Angle-of-Attack Flight Test Program

The KEEP EAGLE flight test program was conducted from August 1994 until August 1995 at Edwards AFB by a combined government/contractor test team to evaluate improvements to F-15E high angle-of-attack and spin recovery characteristics. This paper will trace the program from its inception in 1992 until conclusion in 1995, with emphasis on the test approach and flight test techniques employed for this high risk program. Specifically, the test approach included novel assessments of spin recovery control power early in the flight test program using controlled build-ups in yaw rate. The program also used simulation effectively to improve test efficiency and maintain test team proficiency with normal and emergency procedures. These techniques allowed a relatively aggressive flight test program without compromising safety. A total of 18 different aircraft configurations were successfully tested, with 146 developed spins completed throughout the course of 81 program flights.