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Technical Paper

Development of a Thermo-Hydraulic Math Model of the Space Station Single-Phase Active Thermal Control System

A detailed SINDA-FLUINT thermo-hydraulic math model of the International Space Station Alpha single-phase thermal control system has been developed to evaluate the system steady state and transient responses. The model is being used to determine critical system performance characteristics, such as line sizing, flow distribution, and temperatures of critical components. It is also used to support the design of the control system required to maintain set point temperature and a constant system pressure. In the future the model will be correlated with test data to provide a reliable tool to support the Space Station operation. A detailed description of the model is presented in this paper, together with sample calculations representing critical Space Station operating conditions. Sensitivity of computed results to variations in critical design parameters is also presented. Since the model will continue to evolve and be improved, logical process to be followed is also outlined.