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Technical Paper

Space Constructible Radiator (SCR) Life Test Heat Pipe Performance Testing and Evaluation

The Space Constructible Radiator (SCR) Life Test heat pipe performance testing is currently conducted at NASA/Johnson Space Center as part of the Advanced Technology Development Program. The SCR is a dual passage, monogroove heat pipe radiator designed and manufactured by Grumman Aerospace for NASA. The heat pipe has many aerospace applications since it can transport a large amount of heat with a compact lightweight design. As the micro-meteoroid/orbital debris environment worsens, it may be advantageous to add the heat pipe radiator to the Space Station's thermal control system. The SCR Life Test has been operating over the last 10 years and will continue until the year 2000. The overall heat transfer coefficient has decreased from 792 W/K (1500 Btu/Hr-°F) to 475 W/K (900 Btu/Hr-°F) but appears to have stabilized. This paper summarizes the SCR Life Test setup and the test results to date.