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Technical Paper

Influences of Data Bus Protocols on an Aircraft Fly-By-Wire Networked Control System

A major trend in modern aerospace and automotive systems is to integrate computing, communication and control into different levels of the vehicle and/or its supervision. A well fitted architecture adopted by this trend is the Common Bus Network Architecture. A Networked Control System (NCS) is called when the control loop is closed through a communication network. The presence of this communication network introduces new characteristics (sharing bus, delays, jitter etc.) to be considered at design time of a control system. This work focuses on the influences of data bus protocols on an aircraft Fly-By-Wire (FBW) networked control system. We intent to show, through simulations, the influences of sharing bus on a real time control system. To compare effects, we choose the CAN Bus protocol where the medium access control is event driven; and the TTP protocol where the medium access control is time driven.