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Technical Paper

A Real-Time Virtual Simulation Environment for Advanced Driver Assistance System Development

This paper presents a novel real-time virtual simulation environment for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The proposed environment mainly includes a 3D high-fidelity virtual driving environment developed with computer graphics technologies, a virtual camera model and a real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system with a driver simulator. Some preliminary simulation and experiment have been conducted to verify that the proposed virtual environment along with the image generated by a virtual camera model is valid with sufficient fidelity, and the real-time HIL development system with driver in the loop is effective in the early design, test and verification of ADAS systems.
Journal Article

Modeling and Simulation of Intelligent Driving with Trajectory Planning and Tracking

This paper proposes a novel modeling and simulation environment developed under Matlab/Simulink with friendly and intuitive graphic user interfaces, aimed to enable math-based virtual development and test of intelligent driving systems. Six typical driving maneuvers are first proposed, which are further abstracted into two atomic sub-maneuvers: lane following and lane change, as any maneuvers can be the combinations of these two. A generic trajectory planning and path tracking control algorithm are developed to deal with the generality and commonality of the lane change function with optimization among safety, comfort and efficiency in performing the lane change maneuver. Some typical simulations are conducted with results demonstrating the practical usefulness, efficiency and convenience in using this proposed tool.