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Technical Paper

Fatigue of High Strength Bolts Rolled Before or After Heat Treatment with Five Different Preload Levels

SI property class 12.9 high strength steel bolts were used to investigate the fatigue behavior of bolt threads rolled before/after heat treatment using two different thread profiles and five different preload values. Bolts were 3/8 UNRC-16 (coarse) and 3/8 UNRF-24 (fine) and preloads were taken as 1, 50, 75, 90, and 100% of roll before heat treatment proof stress. Maximum near surface residual compressive stresses, obtained via x-ray diffraction, ranged from -500 to -1000 MPa. Axial loads were applied through the nut and all fatigue failures occurred at the first thread of the nut/bolt interface. SEM evaluation indicated all fatigue crack growth regions contained multiple fatigue facets, while final fracture regions were ductile dimples.