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Technical Paper

On-Board Mass and Center of Gravity of Motor Vehicles Measurement System

The heavy-duty vehicles have large transportation capacity. Gross mass and center of gravity position of the heavy-duty vehicles vary with the cargo mass and the driving condition, which affect driving safety and handling stability. Gross mass and center of gravity position of the vehicles are usually measured on fixed test platform, and the vehicles are stationary or pass the platform slowly in the measurement process. Most dynamic weighing system could not measure the center of gravity position of the vehicles. On-board mass and center of gravity of motor vehicles measurement system mainly based on the tire pressure information could measure gross mass and center of gravity position accurately in the driving process. The measurement errors of the sensors are effectively decreased by filtering collected sensor data. The relationship between the tire pressure and the tire load is built when the vehicle is stationary.
Technical Paper

Color Variable Speed Limit Sign Visibility for the Freeway Exit Driving Safety

Typical vehicle speed deceleration occurs at the freeway exit due to the driving direction change. Well conducting the driver to control the velocity could enhance the vehicle maneuverability and give drivers more response time when running into potential dangerous conditions. The freeway exit speed limit sign (ESLS) is an effect way to remind the driver to slow down the vehicle. The ESLS visibility is significant to guarantee the driving safety. This research focuses on the color variable ESLS system, which is placed at the same location with the traditional speed limit sign. With this system, the driver could receive the updated speed limit recommendation in advance and without distraction produced by eyes contract change over the dashboard and the front sight. First, the mathematical model of the drivetrain and the engine brake is built for typical motor vehicles. The vehicle braking characteristics with various initial speeds in the deceleration area are studied.