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Technical Paper

Sol-Gel Coating as a Surface Pretreatment Process for Adhesive Bonding of Aluminum Alloys

The wide application of aluminum alloys as structural materials requires that the surface of the aluminum be pretreated for bonding and corrosion resistance. Traditional surface pretreatment of aluminum alloys involves use of hazardous chemicals such as hexvalent chromium and large amounts of water. In this research, an environmentally benign aluminum alloys surface pretreatment process has been developed. The new process produces a high quality pretreated surface which has strong adhesive bonding and good corrosion resistance. In addition to the benefit for the environment, the new process is simple, low-cost and energy-saving.
Technical Paper

Crashworthiness Simulation, Design and Development of Cross-Car Stiffener Subsystem

The rear cross-car stiffener subsystem is generally located at the underside of the rear compartment pan of a car body and connects the two rear longitudinal rails or rear rockers. The primary purpose of this subsystem is to maintain structural integrity as well as fuel system integrity in a rear angle impact or dynamic side impact collision. To evaluate the effect of this subsystem on lateral crashworthiness in a high speed angle impact, a finite element model consisting of the cross-car bar, a portion of rear compartment pan and both rear rails was developed and analyzed with the DYNA3D crashworthiness simulation software. Thus, the cross-car stiffener subsystem design including the welding pattern was finalized and the acceptable design was successfully implemented in the vehicle. Subsequently drop silo tests were carried out to further verify the design and to improve the manufacturing process.