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Technical Paper

Chassis System Integration Approach for Vehicle High Mileage NVH Robustness

High mileage NVH performance is one of the major concerns in vehicle design for long term customer satisfaction. Elastomeric bushings and brake rotors are key chassis components which tend to degrade as vehicle mileage accumulates with time. The degradation of these components normally causes the overall degradation of vehicle NVH performance. In the current paper two categories of problems are addressed respectively: road-induced vibration due to bushing degradation, and brake roughness due to rotor wear. A system integration approach is used to derive the design strategies that can potentially make the vehicle more robust in these two NVH attributes. The approach links together bushing degradation characteristics, brake rotor wear characteristics, the design of experiment (DOE) method, and CAE modeling in a systematic fashion. The concept and method are demonstrated using a production vehicle.
Technical Paper

Nondestructive Estimation of Degradation in Vehicle Joints Due to High Mileage

An experimental method for nondestructive estimation of damage in joints due to high mileage degradation in cars is presented. The method estimates damage by comparing transfer functions of the same car at zero and at high mileage. The potential of the method is demonstrated analytically using a three dimensional concept Finite Element Model (FEM) of a car body to simulate the transfer functions of this car body at zero and at high mileage. The results demonstrate that the method is effective for identifying the damaged joints as well as the relative degree of degradation.