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Earned Value Management Systems

An Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for integrated program management will effectively integrate the work scope of a program with the schedule and cost elements for optimum program planning and control. The primary purpose of the system is to support integrated program management. The system is owned by the organization and is governed by the organization’s policies and procedures. The principles of an EVMS are: Plan all work scope for the program to completion. Break down the program work scope into finite pieces that are assigned to a responsible person or organization for control of technical, schedule and cost objectives. Integrate program work scope, schedule, and cost objectives into a performance measurement baseline plan against which accomplishments are measured. Control changes to the baseline. Use actual costs incurred and recorded in accomplishing the work performed. Objectively assess accomplishments at the work performance level.

Integrated Project Processes for Engineering a System

This standard is applicable to the engineering or the reengineering of: a Commercial or non-commercial systems, or portions thereof; b Any system, small or large, simple or complex, software-intensive or not, precedented or unprecedented; c Systems made up of hardware, software, firmware, personnel, facilities, data, materials, services, techniques, or processes (or combinations thereof); d A new system or a legacy system, or portions thereof. The requirements of this standard, or a designated subset, are intended to be applied by projects establishing policies and procedures for project implementation of the adopted process and process elements of this standard. The requirements of this standard may be tailored as follows: a Processes – Processes may be tailored to be applicable for a given type of project or system.

Processes for Engineering a System

The purpose of this Standard is to provide an integrated set of fundamental processes to aid a developer in the engineering or reengineering of a system. Use of this Standard is intended to help developers a) establish and evolve a complete and consistent set of requirements that will enable delivery of feasible and cost-effective system solutions; b) satisfy requirements within cost, schedule, and risk constraints; c) provide a system, or any portion of a system, that satisfies stakeholders over the life of the products that make up the system.