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Technical Paper

Ergonomic Layout Process for a Driver Working Place in Cars

During early phases of interior car layout a lot of different aspects have to be considered like crashworthiness, regulations, philosophy of the company etc.. Ergonomic aspects do not always play the most important role in these cases. Since aspects of comfort in cars are getting more and more important in nowadays these aspects should be taken into account very early in the interior car layout process. This paper shows a way to design the interior layout of a car from scratch for a good postural comfort for all anthropometries with the aid of a digital human model (RAMSIS). The novelty of this approach is to use the digital human model to design the interior and not to verify or correct an existing one.
Technical Paper

Integration of 3D Human Models in the Vehicle Concept Development of BMW

This paper gives an overview of the current design process of BMW and the application of human models within this process. A distinction is made concerning 2½D and 3D methodologies and their applicability in the overall process. Advantages and disadvantages of these methodologies are discussed and the best practices for the different phases of the product development process are described. A proposal is made for a unified methodology of human models integrating 2½D and 3D approaches as well as hardware mock-ups and the measurement process for validation and target definition.