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Development of 1.2L Gasoline Turbocharged MPFI Engine for Passenger Car Application

In the emerging technology trend, there is continuous demand for increase in engine performance in terms of power & torque while providing competitive fuel efficiency. Understanding and fulfillment of complex customer requirements with affordable technology is extremely challenging. In order to meet potential conflicting needs and offer ‘fun to drive’ experience to customers, Tata Motors has developed first in segment turbocharged gasoline MPFI engine. Further in order to create market differentiator, multi drive modes were introduced as segment first feature. The boosted compact 1200 cc engine while developing 90 Ps power, delivers 140 N-m torque over a wide range of 1500-4000 rpm, best suited for Indian drive conditions. This performance boost is nearly 40% over and above performance of comparable NA engine without any compromise on vehicle level fuel efficiency.