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Applying DO-254 for Avionics Hardware Development and Certification

This basic course introduces the intent of the DO-254 standard for commercial avionics hardware development. The content will cover many aspects of avionic hardware including, aircraft safety, systems, hardware planning, requirements, design, implementation, and testing. Participants will learn industry-best practices for real-world hardware development, common DO-254 mistakes and how to prevent them, and how to minimize risks and costs while maximizing hardware quality.
Training / Education

Introduction to DO-178C

This two-day course will introduce participants to industry best practices for real-world software development and how to avoid common DO-178C mistakes. This course is intended to present the information necessary to help minimize DO-178C risks and costs, while also maximizing software quality during avionics development.  The instructor will guide participants through topics such as aircraft safety, systems, software planning, software requirements, and software design/code/test.  
Training / Education

AS9100D Internal Auditor Training

Internal audits are a requirement of the AS9100, AS 13100 and RM 13005 and are intended to verify the compliance and effectiveness of an organization's quality management system. The methods and techniques for performing internal audits have significantly changed in the aviation, space and defense industries, and internal auditors must be knowledgeable of these requirements and the expectations as identified in the standard.
Training / Education

Fundamentals of GD&T ASME Y14.5 - 2018 Foundational Level

The 2-day foundational-level Fundamentals of GD&T course teaches the terms, rules, symbols, and concepts of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, as prescribed in the ASME Y14.5-2018 Standard. The class offers an explanation of geometric tolerances, including their symbols, tolerance zones, applicable modifiers, common applications, and limitations. It explains Rules #1 and #2, the datum system, form and orientation controls, tolerance of position (RFS and MMC), runout, and profile controls. Newly acquired learning is reinforced throughout the class with more than 130 practice exercises, including more than 60 application problems. 
Training / Education

AS13002 Qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan

This course is verified by Probitas Authentication as meeting the AS9104/3A requirements for continuing Professional Development. AS13002 defines the process for qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan for suppliers within the aero-engine sector.  This two-day course will provide common requirements for developing and qualifying an alternate inspection plan, other than 100% inspection of all features.  This course is designed to cover the basic elements of the process to be applied to design characteristics (as defined in AS9102), and parts or inspection processes as defined by the purchaser.