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Engineering Management Academy

Why a Management Academy? Why should you be interested in this Engineering Management Academy from SAE? The answer to these questions lies in the statistics highlighted by surveys of hiring managers. For example, are you aware that: 28% of internal leadership promotions fail On average, it takes six years before an individual receives any formal training after being promoted to a management position Individual contributors, who are technical experts, are usually natural candidates for  promotions to management positions.

Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders in Aerospace

Flight Paths to Success profiles the personal journeys of 33 women who have been, and continue to be, successful in aviation, space, and academia. Each woman was asked to select one question of several questions in five categories: personal career insight, work-life balance, mentorship/sponsorship, avoiding a career stall, and powering through challenging situations. Each woman shared her unique experiences about work-life integration, resilience, career changes, relocation, continuing education, and career advancement. While reading their stories, we saw that there were many flight paths to success and each woman navigated her own way by charting her own course and committing to it. Their stories were published as they wrote them-in their own words.

Standard Practice for Manpower and Personnel

This Standard covers Manpower and Personnel (M&P) processes throughout planning, design, development, test, production, use, and disposal of a system. Depending on contract phase and/or complexity of the program, tailoring can be applied. The scope of this standard includes Prime and Sub-contractor M&P activities; it does not include Government M&P activities. The primary goals of a contractor M&P program typically include: Ensuring that the system design complies with the latest customer manpower estimates (numbers and mix of personnel, plus availability) and that discrepancies are reported to management and the customer. Ensuring that the system design is regularly compared to the latest customer Personnel estimates (capabilities and limitations) and that discrepancies are reported to management and the customer.

SAE Moves You

Meet the engineers shaping the world of mobility and driving the future of engineering.

Your Bridge to Success in the Real World

Students share how SAE Membership has opened doors for their careers, provided educational opportunities and hands-on experiences that has helped them to become a better engineer.

ATP360 An Air Carrier First Officer Training Program

ATP360 air carrier training applies to pilots holding a commercial certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings. This document describes how the ATP360 program achieves its objectives: to educate and train qualified pilots for First Officer and eventually Captain positions with the regional and/or the major airlines. This document also provides an overview of a selection process, an academic curriculum, a flight training program, faculty preparation, and program evaluation. The focus of ATP360 is to develop industry-recognized competencies and instill the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to bring persons up to professional air carrier standards.

SAE programs, products, and services for mobility engineers

SAE International is the nexus that connects the engineering community for the purpose of life-long learning and the advancement of the mobility industry. It offers programs, products, and services that afford the engineering community limitless opportunities to LEARN, DEVELOP, and CONNECT so together, we can advance industry. Find out more about our events, professional development, and publication products.
Training / Education

Effective Writing for Engineering and Technical Professionals

The ability to write concise and unambiguous reports, proposals, manuals, or other technical documents is a key skill for any high-functioning engineer or technical staff person in the mobility industries. Through a combination of class discussions, interactive workshop activities, assignments, checker teams (review teams) and job aids, this course delivers real-life technical writing techniques and tools that can be immediately applied. Participants discover the importance of knowing their audiences and how to communicate technical information in a 'user-friendly' style.
Training / Education

Principles of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and AS9100

Understanding the purpose and intended use of standards, directives and requirements sets the foundation for developing a functional management system. This 35-minute, online short course is intended to present ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and SAE AS9100 as purpose driven management systems that are necessary for companies to survive in our fast-moving economy. This eLearning course provides those in the automotive and aerospace industries with a high-level overview of these quality management system standards. It is designed to explore the history that lead to the development of the standards.

Education in Configuration and Data Management

Assist CM and engineering personnel in the implementation and coordination of CM unique procedures and disciplines of Configuration Identification, Change Control, Status Accounting and Audits.
Technical Paper

Mentoring SFRM: A New Approach to International Space Station Flight Controller Training

The Mission Operations Directorate (MOD) of the Johnson Space Center is responsible for providing continuous operations support for the International Space Station (ISS). Operations support requires flight controllers who are skilled in team performance as well as the technical operations of the ISS. ISS flight controller certification has evolved to include a balanced focus on the development of team performance and technical expertise. The latest challenge the ISS team faces is how to certify an ISS flight controller to the required level of effectiveness in one year. Space Flight Resource Management (SFRM) training, a NASA adapted variant of Crew Resource Management (CRM), is expanding the role of senior flight controllers as mentors to help meet that challenge. This paper explains our mentoring approach and discusses its effectiveness and future applicability in promoting SFRM/CRM skills.
Technical Paper

South Texas Engineering, Math, and Science (STEMS) Space Day Program: A Nontraditional Partnership Based on Mentoring

This paper describes a unique partnership between NASA and students residing in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The program is based on annual activities that provide a connection between NASA and border communities via mentoring. The approach utilizes older students and teachers as mentoring ambassadors who are trained at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. The mentors are trained in specific space themes for each year's main event and return to South Texas to serve as mentors and role models for younger students. The main event occurs at UT Brownsville, in which over 600 5th and 8th graders from five counties attend. The event utilizes the trained ambassadors to offer more than 20 hands-on activities that highlight a theme related to NASA's current focus and missions. The activities demonstrate how math, science, and engineering relate to exploring and understanding the universe and solving problems on earth.

Practical Lean Leadership: A Strategic Leadership Guide for Executives

Practical Lean Leadership is the first book to capture the essence of Lean leadership in ways that are specific and actionable for executives to apply at work every day. It presents innovative and proven approaches to understanding and practicing Lean leadership in an easy-to-follow workbook format. It links Lean principles and tools directly to leadership beliefs and behaviors in new and innovative ways that connect to the realities of the workplace. Senior managers will be inspired by the new approaches to understanding strategic leadership and leadership development contained in this book. Topics covered: • What is Lean Management? • How Lean Leaders Think • A Better Definition of Leadership • Lean Leadership Behaviors • Value Stream Maps as a Leadership Development Tool • What Executives Need to Know About Kaizen • Standardized Work for Executive Leadership • Fifty Errors to Avoid • Visual Control for Lean Leaders • Lean Leader Performance Feedback

Requirements for Aerospace Auditor Competency and Training Courses

This document provides the minimum requirements (Body of Knowledge) for AQMS auditors who will participate in AQMS certification/registration activities, including the auditor authentication process and requirements for a training organization. It is applicable to auditors seeking formal approval to conduct audits of the AQMS in support of the IAQG, and those who manage the competency element of an AQMS audit program and/or training organizations.
Technical Paper

Biological Experiments in Space as the Object of the Educational Program in Ukraine

For the purpose of organizing and carrying out extracurricular training, and identifying, mentoring and supporting gifted students, the Ukrainian Junior Academy of Sciences (UJAS) was created. Under its auspices, high school students from the USA and the Ukraine, together with astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Columbia, conducted plant science experiments (Collaborative Ukrainian Experiment or CUE) during NASA's STS-87 mission. While the students constructed simulated flight hardware and studied the growth, pollination and fertilization of Brassica rapa plants in their classrooms, the same plant investigation took place in the microgravity environment aboard the Space Shuttle. During the period when the Brassica experiments were being conducted, the International Water Institute (IWI) Program was developed by Brevard Community College in collaboration with the UJAS. The program has expanded and today the IWI program is one of the most productive in Ukraine.