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Technical Paper

Evaluation of the Technical Level of Modern Agricultural Tractors Represented in the Russian Market

The paper considers a new technique for assessing the technical level of agricultural tractors competing in one power range. The existing methods of evaluation of technical level, both in Russia and abroad, are associated with expert approach that is limited by the qualitative nature of conclusions, which does not allow to predict quantitative change in performance. In this regard, if there are up to 35 models in the Russian market with equal power capabilities, the problem of making a choice arises. A general indicator of technical level is the ratio of the replacement capacity of the arable unit based on a tractor model under consideration to the replacement capacity of the arable unit based on a reference tractor, which are determined by computer simulation in reference conditions.
Technical Paper

Harmonizating Power Categories and Towing Categories of Agricultural Tractors with Series of Preferred Numbers

The present article addresses issues related to the development of a scientifically-based classification of agricultural tractors with consideration of problems associated with international harmonization of testing requirements and classification parameters; it describes the disadvantages of classification of tractors by maximum towing power achieved on a concrete surface, which is used abroad. The authors state the requirements for towing and power classification of agricultural tractors, which should act as a framework for energy harmonization of sets of tractors with sets of machines independently from developers and manufacturers; and demonstrate the need for harmonization of typical size classification series of towing and power parameters with series of preferred numbers recommended by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Technical Paper

The Development of the Russian Agricultural Tractor Market from 2008 to 2014

The objective of this study is to identify the most popular agricultural tractor models in Russia by their engine ratings and countries of origin. This review presents an analysis of changes in the composition of engine-ratings and sales volume of agricultural tractors in the Russian market between 2008 and 2014. Including knock-down kits, the countries of origin are Russia, the CIS-countries and non-CIS Countries. The variety of manufacturers, highlight the leading international companies which have supplied up to 200 units is discussed. The papers shows that CIS-manufactured tractors represent the greatest number in the market - up to 57 per cent, tractors from non-CIS countries occupy up to 12 per cent of the market, and the number of Russian models is quite limited - 3.0 per cent in 2012 and 3.4 per cent in 2014.
Technical Paper

Application of the Universal Tire Characteristic for Estimating the Maximum Pressure of a Pneumatic Tractor Wheel on the Ground

Maximum pressure is an essential parameter determining the degree of environmental impact of pneumatic tractor wheels on soils. The authors of the paper offer a method for determining and adjusting maximum pressure of a pneumatic tractor wheels on the supporting surface. The paper contains an analysis of the variation of maximum pressure on soils for various values of internal tire pressure and vertical load on a wheel. The above method allows parameters for systems of monitoring and adjustment of maximum pressure on soils to be set up by measuring tire flexure and adjusting it through changing the internal air pressure.