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Critical Concepts of Tolerance Stacks 2009 3-day

This course, based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard, provides an in-depth explanation of how to use tolerance stacks to analyze product designs and how to use geometric tolerances in stacks. You will learn the essential methods and concepts used for creating 1D part and assembly tolerance stacks.
Research Report

Unsettled Topics on Nondestructive Testing of Additively Manufactured Parts in the Mobility Industry

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology, also known as 3D printing, has transitioned from concepts and prototypes to part-for-part substitution and the creation of unique part geometries that can only be made using AM. These AM applications are increasingly present in demanding fields such as medicine and aerospace. Generally, however, the applications are still primarily driven by thermal, stiffness, corrosion, and static loading conditions. In order to move to the next levels of structural significance (durability and damage tolerance), the AM technologies and components will need to reliably demonstrate freedom from inherent discontinuities that degrade durability to the point of preventing consideration in fatigue environments. This also includes freedom from rogue discontinuities that have the same impact on damage tolerance.