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Journal Article

Electrical Accumulator Unit for the Energy Optimized Aircraft

The movement to more-electric architectures during the past decade in military and commercial airborne systems continues to increase the complexity of designing and specifying the electric power system. In particular, the electrical power system (EPS) faces challenges in meeting the highly dynamic power demands of advanced power electronics based loads. This paper explores one approach to addressing these demands by proposing an electrical equivalent of the widely utilized hydraulic accumulator which has successfully been employed in hydraulic power system on aircraft for more than 50 years.
Journal Article

Modeling, Analysis, and Control Design for an Intermittent Megawatt Generator

An Intermittent Megawatt Generator (IMG) has been designed by Innovative Power Solutions (IPS) to meet the needs of future directed energy loads on high-performance aircraft. These loads significantly impact the electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance of the generator, load, and aircraft. If representative simulation models of the generator and other important subsystems can be obtained, the impact on system performance can be analyzed and optimized before the generator is deployed. The objective of this work was to utilize various modeling techniques to obtain accurate electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance models of the IMG, and to apply these models to analyze dynamic response transients to sudden load changes as seen for directed energy loads. Additionally, the models have been used to optimize the IMG control to mitigate voltage transients during these load changes.