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Technical Paper

Modelling and Simulation Approach for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Components in Passenger Car Engine Mounting Brackets

The function of powertrain mounts is to securely anchor the engine and gearbox within a vehicle, effectively absorbing vibrations and shielding the vehicle's body from powertrain movements and road irregularities. Traditionally crafted from aluminum, sheet metal, or cast iron, there has been a notable transition towards employing fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) as a viable alternative. This shift is motivated by the potential to reduce weight and cost, alongside enhancing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) characteristics. This study aims to evaluate the relative strengths of existing brackets compared to those made of FRP, with a focus on their modal response and crash resistance. Due to the absence of a standardized method for modelling orthotropic materials in powertrain mounting brackets, this paper proposes a systematic approach to address this gap.
Technical Paper

Investigation of Mid-Frequency Interior Noise due to Tyre-Road Interaction

Over the past twenty years, the automotive sector has increasingly prioritized lightweight and eco-friendly products. Specifically, in the realm of tyres, achieving reduced weight and lower rolling resistance is crucial for improving fuel efficiency. However, these goals introduce significant challenges in managing Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH), particularly regarding mid-frequency noise inside the vehicle. This study focuses on analyzing the interior noise of a passenger car within the 250 to 500 Hz frequency range. It examines how tyre tread stiffness and carcass stiffness affect this noise through structural borne noise test on a rough road drum and modal analysis, employing both experimental and computational approaches. Findings reveal that mid-frequency interior noise is significantly affected by factors such as the tension in the cap ply, the stiffness of the belt, and the damping properties of the tyre sidewall.