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Advanced Applications of Heavy Vehicle EDR Data

This class will provide the student with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to interpret, analyze and apply Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder (HVEDR) data in real world applications. This course has been designed to build on the concepts presented in the SAE course Accessing and Interpreting Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (ID# C1022).
Technical Paper

An Investigation of the Role of Wear and Friction Film Influencing the Friction Coefficient of Brakes: Mechanism of Brake Fade

Commercial heavy truck drum linings of 4 different compositions were tested using the Chase tester under constant loads and temperatures at a constant speed in order to find out how lining wear might affect the friction coefficient. When the lining wear increases, the friction coefficient increases linearly under a condition of constant load, speed and temperature. However, when the lining wear approaches zero, the friction coefficient still remains relatively high, indicating other factors are also involved in controlling friction such as interface deformation and others. As the temperature increases or the load increases, the wear contribution to the friction becomes less and less effective. All these observations are discussed and explained in terms of wear particle formation and friction film behavior.
Technical Paper

Mitigation of Brake Moan Noise

Mitigation of Brake Moan Noise L. Zeng, A. Bourgeau, Y. Bhumireddy, T. Clarke, J. Ploof, M. Khan Chassis Engineering, FCA Group 800 Chrysler Dr., Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 Brake moan noise is one of the major issues of automotive rear brake systems. In the North America automotive market, light trucks and SUVs are most often to have brake moan noise issues. Compared to brake squeal noise, brake moan noise is at relative lower frequencies (usually below 1kHz), it stimulates both audio and vibration sensations of vehicle occupants, its vibration mode involves not only the brake system but also the suspension and subframe of the vehicle. Through a case study, this paper will share some of the experimental and analytical technologies and developments at Chassis Engineering of FCA group in brake moan noise mitigation.