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Technical Paper

Analysis and Improvement of the Cabin Low Frequency Noise Caused by Underbody Rear Cavity Airflow Oscillation in the Pure Electric Vehicle High Speed Cruise

During the pure electric vehicle high speed cruise driving condition, the unsteady air flow in the chassis cavity is susceptible to self-sustaining oscillations phenomenon. And the aerodynamic oscillation excitation could be coupled with the cabin interior acoustic mode through the body pressure relief valve, the low frequency booming noise may occur and seriously reduces the driving comfort. This paper systematically introduces the characteristics identification and the troubleshooting process of the low frequency aerodynamic noise case. Firstly, combined with the characteristics of the subjective jury evaluation and objective measurement, the acoustic wind tunnel test restores the cabin booming phenomenon. The specific test procedure is proposed to separate the noise excitation source.
Technical Paper

Vibrational Energy Propagation Analysis at Point Joints between Frame and Panel for Vehicle Interior Noise Reduction

This paper analyzes the mechanism of vibrational energy propagation and panel vibration generation at the point joints between frame and panel which can be applied to reduce the vehicle interior noise. In this study, we focused on the traveling wave in the early stage of propagation before the mode is formed, and investigated the mechanism of panel vibration generation due to wave energy propagation and its reduction method. First, we show theoretically that the out-of-plane component of the transmitted power at the point junction between frame and panel that contributes to panel vibration is associated with frame deformation. Then, we show through numerical verification that panel vibration can be reduced by reducing the transferred power of the out-of-plane component, and explain the effectiveness of the frame-to-panel joint design guidelines based on energy propagation analysis. Next, This analysis technique is applied to the vehicle body model.

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