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Fluids for Aerospace Hydraulic Systems

This four-hour short course provides an introduction to fluids for aerospace hydraulic systems. Topics covered include an introduction to basics fluid properties, rheology, tribology, and fluid product development. In addition, the history and performance of different classes of fluids are discussed in detail, and specific failure modes such as erosion and sludge formation will be described. Along with an introduction to fluid degradation, information on used oil analysis test methods and interpretation will be provided.

Nut, Self-Locking - Steel, Class 1100 MPa/235 °C, MJ Thread Procurement Specification For, Metric


This specification establishes the requirements for the following types of self-locking nuts:

a. Wrenching nuts: that is, hex, double hex, spline drive

b. Anchor nuts: that is, plate nuts, gang channel nuts, shank nuts

The wrenching nuts and shank nuts are made of low alloy steels, and the nut elements of plate and gang channel nuts are made of carbon steels or low alloy steels and having MJ threads to ISO 5855/2. Nuts have 1100 MPa tensile strength class at room temperature. Maximum test temperature of parts at 235 °C.