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Technical Paper

Review of Italsat Thermal Performances Throughout the First Eighteen Months of Operational Life

Italsat F1 is a communication satellite sponsored by the Italian Space Agency and developed by Alenia Spazio. The spacecraft consists with a platform, which provides all the required services, and three payloads: a global beam package, a multibeam package for domestic communication services at 20/30 GHz, and an experimental propagation package at 40/50 GHz which embraces the European continent. Italsat F1 was sent off by an Ariane IV launcher from the Kourou Space Center in French Guyana on January 16th,1991, and it has been operating since February 1991. Having gone through a complete cycle of solstices and equinoxes, Italsat experienced the extreme environmental conditions at its beginning of life. The flight data collected throughout the first year of operational life enabled a review of the spacecraft thermal performances. This paper presents an overview of in-orbit observed temperatures.
Technical Paper

ANNIE, a Tool for Integrating Ergonomics in the Design of Car Interiors

In the ANNIE project - Applications of Neural Networks to Integrated Ergonomics - BE96-3433, a tool for integrating ergonomics into the design process is developed. This paper presents some features in the current ANNIE as applied to the design of car interiors. A variant of the ERGOMan mannequin with vision is controlled by a hybrid system for neuro-fuzzy simulation. It is trained by using an Elite system for registration of movements. An example of a trajectory generated by the system is shown. A fuzzy model is used for comfort evaluation. An experiment was performed to test its feasibility and it showed very promising results.
Technical Paper

ALTAN, a New Tool for Spacecraft Thermal Simulation

ALTAN (ALenia Thermal ANalyser) is a tool developed in Alenia Spazio, for the thermal simulation of satellites. Distinctive features of ALTAN are the description of the system in terms of thermal objects that can be considered as high level primitives, the accurate modelling of the energy sources (planets and sun) and of the optical properties, the integration in a single tool of the steps of radiative, conductive and thermal calculations and of the post-process of the results. An example of ALTAN application is given for Bepi-Colombo mission to Mercury, in particular the modelling of the highly variable planet temperature and the directional optical properties of the planet surface.
Technical Paper

A Tool for Flexible and Rapid Thermal Analysis and Design in Feasibility and Preliminary Phases of Space Projects

Feasibility and preliminary phases of space projects are aimed to answer to the very fundamental question whether a spacecraft (S/C) exists that can fulfil the mission objectives. In particular the thermal engineers must assess whether a possible configuration is feasible from the thermal point of view, or what modifications could make it suitable. The paper presents the Thermal Concept Design Tool (TCDT), a new software tool under development at Blue Engineering and Alenia Spazio for the European Space Agency (ESA), designed with the objective to assist the thermal engineers in reducing at minimum the effort required by simulation activities and focusing mainly on conceptual activities during feasibility and preliminary studies.