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Technical Paper

First-Time Use of Aluminum for Engine Oil Coolers in Heavy Commercial Vehicles

A high efficiency lightweight heat exchanger has been developed for water jacket cooling of engine oil in heavy commercial vehicles. This heat exchanger is comprised of aluminum construction, and utilizes recent developments in heat exchanger technology to obtain high heat rejection, low parasitic loss, and superior strength. This new development offers significant advantages over today's stainless steel oil cooler technology. Specifically, a 15-20% increase in performance is typical, while a minimum of 50% weight savings is expected. This innovation has been released for high volume production, and represents a major benefit for our customers.
Technical Paper

Heat Exchanger for Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Due to the introduction of new, more stringent exhaust gas emission regulations for diesel engines, expected to be enforced in Europe and the USA in 1999 and 2004, respectively, new emission-reducing technologies are becoming the focus of attention. One such technology is the cooled exhaust gas recirculation method (cooled EGR) which permits a reduction in emissions with only a small increase in fuel consumption. The heat exchanger used in such a system must be capable of meeting high demands in terms of compact design, performance, resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and fouling. The paper describes the development of an EGR cooler designed by Behr which meets these demands and, in particular, has a high performance density. This was achieved by using a new kind of heat exchanger core.