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Journal Article

Real Time Virtual Temperature Sensor for Transmission Clutches

Many experiments have demonstrated that clutch overheating is a major cause of clutch deterioration. Clutch friction material deterioration not only leads to clutch failure, but also causes poor shift quality. Unfortunately, it is not practical to monitor each individual clutch temperature in a production vehicle due to high costs or technical challenges. This paper introduces a proposal for a virtual clutch temperature sensor to monitor the real time clutch temperature changes in Chrysler transmissions with PWM solenoid based control systems. Both vehicle and laboratory dynamometer (dyno) tests demonstrate that the model results match very closely with the thermocouple temperature measurements under many different driving conditions. The real time virtual temperature sensor provides a tool for clutch surface overheat protection and for design improvement and enhancement to shift quality.
Journal Article

Rotating Clutch Temperature Model Development Using Rapid Prototype Controllers

Due to the multitude of external design constraints, such as increasing fuel economy standards, and the increasing number of global vehicle programs, developers of automotive transmission controls have to cope with increasing levels of powertrain system complexity. Achieving these requirements while improving system quality, reducing development cost and improving time to market is a very challenging task. To achieve this goal, a rapid prototype controller was used to develop a new transmission clutch temperature model. This model is used to detect clutch surface overheating, improve design and enhance shift quality.