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Technical Paper

Development of Quad-layer Clad Brazing Sheet for Drawn Cup Type Evaporator: Part 2

We have achieved significant weight reduction for the MS (Multi-Tank Super Slim Structure) Evaporator (1)currently in production at DENSO CORPORATION. The evaporator of HVAC unit, located in the instrument panel, is a component of the aluminum heat exchanger used in automotive air conditioners. The new evaporator uses thinner quad-layer sheet material, thanks to optimization of the electrical potential among its outer filler metal, intermediate anodic layer and core. The evaporator is thus lighter than conventional evaporators, but retains equivalent corrosion resistance.
Technical Paper

Development of Quad-layer Clad Brazing Sheet for Drawn Cup Type Evaporators: Part 1

Having a light weight, a good heat conductivity and a good brazability, aluminum alloy is widely used for automotive heat exchanger systems. The major problem with Aluminum is perforation of the tube by pitting corrosion and corrosion protection is necessary in the field. In radiator and condenser systems using the the Nocolok brazing process given good corrosion resistance using cathodic protection with sacrificial anode made of Zn-sprayed onto tube or low corrosion potential fins etc. On the other hand, in drawn-cup type evaporators, that are fabricated from brazing sheet tubes in vacuum brazing method and then covered low electro-conductive drain water film in operation, the effect of cathodic protection by the anode fin is limited to a very small area. Therefore, this has been studied to improve self-corrosion resistance of the core in the brazing sheet tube.
Technical Paper

Super Ignition Spark Plug with Fine Center & Ground Electrodes

Spark plugs with higher ignitability are continuously in great demand to realize high fuel efficiency and low emissions. To meet this demand, DENSO launched the Iridium Spark Plug in 1997, which realized the two characteristics that had been conventionally difficult to achieve concurrently-high ignitability and long life. The development of this product was enabled by miniaturizing the center electrode, produced using DENSO's original, highly wear-resistant iridium alloy (featuring a high melting point and excellent oxidation resistance). While spark plugs are now required to have a longer service life, they are also required to be higher in ignitability, as exhaust gas regulations have been tightened recently. However, the effort to miniaturize the center electrode is reaching a limit.