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Technical Paper

Development of High Performance Radiators by Fin Optimization

Requirements for fuel economy improvement and reduction in the vehicles engine compartment have increased significantly in the pass years. Performances in radiators have driven changes in terms of compactness and weight reductions. By focusing on the air flow we have optimized the radiator fin and developed a high performance radiator. A similar performance was achieved using an 11mm core depth which has 30% weight reduction compared to a 16mm core depth. The purpose of this paper is to present a technical outline about fin optimization.
Technical Paper

Water Cooled Charge Air Cooler Development

Due to the recent trend emphasizing on environmental friendly, engine supercharger downsizing technology has been under development globally. In this report, the technical knowledge for high performance and high quality water-cooled CAC development is provided. For higher cooling performance, the optimum fin and tube core matrix water-cooled CAC, delivering best performance and quality have been developed. For higher reliability against thermal stress, the detail specifications of water-cooled CAC based on the transient analysis and the simulation technology have been established.