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Technical Paper

ADVANTA™ - A New Specialty Elastomer for Automotive Sealing

The automotive industry is continually seeking new elastomers capable of withstanding aggressive fluids at temperature extremes, while providing high quality at attractive costs. The challenge is formidable in view of reliability and warranty considerations, cost pressures and technology limitations. This paper presents the technical basis for a new class of specialty elastomers. DuPont has designed these elastomers to provide heat resistance that exceeds that of currently available elastomers of comparable price. The paper will discuss initial offerings in the ADVANTA™ product family. They offer a unique balance of heat resistance, oil resistance and sealing properties. Potential end-use applications include O-rings, oil seals, gaskets and custom molded sealing devices for engines, transmissions and axles. Features and benefits of selected compound formulations will be presented and benchmarked to other specialty elastomers currently used in the automotive sealing arena.