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Technical Paper

EMCOR® 66 Ultra-Short fibers for Asbestos-Free Friction Materials

No single fiber is known that functions effectively by itself as an asbestos replacement in friction materials. Short fibers have become recognized as a new and interesting class of materials for composites. Data presented indicates that EMCOR® 66 ultra-short fibers when combined with longer fibers such as steel wool, glass fiber, and aramid, produced friction materials that process well and are stable at higher temperatures. THE LAST TWO DECADES have produced some rather dramatic changes in the formulation of friction materials for the braking systems of automobiles and trucks. There has been a shift in the direction of better heat resistance, higher coefficients of friction, and extended durability in brake pads and linings. Asbestos, a key ingredient in organic brake linings, is being replaced to allow brake engineers to meet these performance goals. Furthermore, chrysotile asbestos in friction materials is thought to represent a serious health risk.