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Technical Paper

Urban Driving Cycle Results of Retrofitted Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on Heavy Duty Vehicles: One Year Later

This updated paper presents chassis dynamometer emissions testing of various heavy duty vehicles with and without retrofitted diesel oxidation catalyst technology. Analysis is provided into both the vehicle emissions baselines and emissions with retrofitted catalyst technology over the New York Composite and Central Business District cycles. The vehicles studied include four urban buses, two school buses and four heavy duty trucks. Some of these vehicles in this study have been followed for up to two years. The paper will discuss in-use heavy duty vehicle emissions issues and the use of diesel oxidation catalyst technologies.
Technical Paper

Durability Studies of a Base Metal Catalyzed Particulate Filter in a Severe Non-road Application

This paper will present emissions durability data from an underground mining vehicle equipped with diesel particulate filter technology, which was followed over 4000 hrs on a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. The twin particulate filter system is catalyzed using a base metal formulation on cordierite wall flow monoliths. After the durability accumulation, the recovered filters were individually emissions tested on a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine over the ISO 8178 test cycle. Performance, maintenance and emissions issues pertaining to base metal catalysts will be discussed.