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Technical Paper

On the Fault Detection Capabilities of AUTOSAR's End-to-End Communication Protection CRC's

Among the several enhancements in AUTOSAR Release 4.0 is the addition of an End-to-End (E2E) Communication Protection Library. This library defines several E2E profiles, each of which implements a combination of End-to-End protection mechanisms such as sequence counters, data IDs and CRCs. Two of these profiles, Profiles 1 and 2, are intended to protect inter-ECU communication via databus systems like FlexRay or CAN, and are designed to address various communication faults. Although the AUTOSAR specification includes detailed descriptions of the profiles, it provides only limited insight about the fault coverage that can be obtained when using these profiles to detect communication faults. This paper focuses on the fault detection capabilities that profiles 1 and 2 offer with respect to message corruptions.
Technical Paper

Fault Tolerance Characteristics of FlexRay Central Devices

FlexRay is a communication system targeted at, among other things, fault tolerant applications. In contrast to some other communication systems, FlexRay systems often contain a central device such as an active star. Due to their ability to isolate portions of the communication system central devices offer opportunities to mitigate certain faults. This paper presents several alternatives for the central device of a FlexRay system, specifically active stars, FlexRay switches, and Central Bus Guardians. The paper analyzes the fault detection, isolation and mitigation mechanisms of each central device based on available documentation and specifications.