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Technical Paper

Development of Non-Adhesive Acrylic Rubber for Engine Oil Filter

In recent years, the use of acrylic rubber has grown because of improved low temperature performance and heat resistance. Acrylicrubber is now being adopted as a replacementof NBR because it has good oil and heat resistance. One special feature inherent toacrylic rubber is that if it is in contact withmetal, upon heating, it will adhere to the metal. This adhesion would not be a problem with a fixed O-ring; however, in the case of an oilfilter (O/F) gasket which is regularly changed,the rubber which remains due to adhesion couldbe problematic for sealing. In the past, this problem was overcome by utilizing a coating, such as silicone, on the rubber surface, although this adds another step to the rubber process. Therefore, we developed a new method to prevent the adhesion of acrylic rubber by analyzing the mechanism by which the acrylic rubber adheres to a metal surface.