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Technical Paper

Design, Calibration and Implementation of a Biosynthetic Water Vapor Source

In efforts to generate a modeling and simulation system for the environmental control and life support system for a small plant growth chamber, the requirement for a biosynthetic water vapor source was found. The water vapor source was designed to inject a known and controlled rate of water vapor into the laboratory version of NASA Ames Research Center's Salad Machine. The rationale for a water vapor source, the design of the source device, the procedures and results of calibration and the method of integrating and utilizing the device with the Salad Machine are described.
Technical Paper

Generation of a Modeling and Simulation System for a Semi-Closed Plant Growth Chamber

The fluid and thermal dynamics of the environment of plants in a small controlled-environment system have been modeled. The results of the simulation under two scenarios have been compared to measurements taken during tests on the actual system. The motivation for the modeling effort and the status of the modeling exercise and system scenario studies are described. An evaluation of the model and a discussion of future studies are included.