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Technical Paper

Development of Soft TPEE CVJ Boot

Regarding the polyester thermoplastic Elastomer (TPEE) boot used in a Constant Velocity joint(CVJ), it is effective to adopt soft and low frictional coefficient (μ) TPEE material which achieves compact size, low frictional noise and easy assembling. However, in the conventional low hardness TPEE, both grease resistance and heat resistance deteriorate, so it was necessary to improve the structure of TPEE polymers. We developed the new soft TPEE CVJ boot, focusing on the improvement method of TPEE polymers and design factors to achieve the compact and low frictional noise boot.
Technical Paper

Development of Seal for Power Steering

NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) has been used for the oil seal equipped on a power steering. However, lack of heat resistance was occasionally observed for NBR, with the recent trend of customer's demand for increasing the life of oil seals in high temperature environmental condition. We developed an oil seal with H-NBR material, which could exhibit the superior performance in the heat resistance; however, it had a weak point in low temperature environment. We have developed HNBR1, the new H-NBR, which has been improved in the performance for low temperature [1]. HNBR1 has been applied for power steering seals as the rubber material, which has superior heat resistance, cold resistance and oil resistance.